Flexible Space Centers are one of the fastest growing and most profitable segments of the office market. Centers statistically generated higher income, and higher income per sq ft., compared to traditional office space. Centers also generate additional income from multiple office programs and services. Most center clients find centers provide more services at lower cost and a better office experience compared to traditional office space.

Center Programs and Services
The following is a brief summary of some of the Flex Space programs and services offered by business centers.

Full Time Offices
Full time office clients have the exclusive use of one or more furnished offices and share the common elements of the center such as conference rooms, reception area, and office equipment. Centers provide a sophisticated multi line telephone system, internet, and a full time receptionist to answer phones in the name of each client’s business.

Part Time or Virtual Office Programs
Virtual office programs are utilized by businesses located elsewhere who wish a cost effective satellite office and local presence, by people seeking part time offices and by home based businesses looking for a professional business address and a place to meet with customers and clients.

Flex Office Space
Flex Space programs offer more office usage than virtual programs and cost less than a full time office. Under a flex space program, a user can come into a center and use any available office. These programs provide between 20 to 40 hours of office or campus, usage per month, with full services for approximately half the cost charged for a full time office and a small fraction of the cost of conventional office space.

Co-Working Programs
Co-working is a less formal program with individuals working from open desks, or together on tables in an open environment. These programs appear to be most popular with millennials. Many traditional business centers have been successful setting aside a portion of the facility as co-working space.

Other Income
Centers also generate income by providing administrative support services, short term office and conference room rentals (hourly and daily), video conferencing and other services.